The best drilling mud treatment solution, adapted to today's challenges

As environmental standards become stricter, our partners and customers have the ambition to deliver more sustainable projects for the environment. With more than 15 years of experience in the mining industry, ASDR has developed ECOMUD™, a sustainable solution that optimizes the treatment of sludge and water generated by mining drilling.

Drilling uses a large amount of water to evacuate the excavated material, resulting in the release of liquid sludge and large volumes of water contaminated with suspended solids. Our systems are designed to provide mining and drilling companies with simplified sludge management and improving operational efficiency.

Product ECOMUD - A technology by ASDR

Closed-loop water circuit offering a significant reduction in the fresh water required to supply the drill

Dry sludge
Generates very dry sludge that is easier to manage, reducing transportation requirements and carbon footprint

Innovative ability to treat water before discharging to the environment

Lower Opex
Offers better management of drilling additives to lower operating expenses

Robust technology and simple to operate on site, in addition to being easily transportable in remote areas with extreme northern conditions

Multiple sources
Ability to connect multiple sources simultaneously depending on the depths of the boreholes

ECOMUD™ LITE is an heliporting version for remote locations

HSE standards
Complies with the highest environmental, health and safety standards

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