History of ECOMUD™


ASDR launches a research program to develop a technology for managing sludge and water generated by mining drilling activities. After several laboratory and field tests, the project is put on hold to better return later.


Eldorado Gold Quebec wants to develop a drilling mud management project. ASDR is selected to build a pilot unit in collaboration with the mining company.


The ECOMUD™ 1.0 activities are under construction. The tests last about 6 months and the results obtained allow to move on to the next step.


ASDR presents ECOMUD™ 2.0, an improved and more powerful version, in a technological showcase. Interested customers can see the technology in action onsite.


After proving itself in several operational contexts, ECOMUD™ is commercialized and meets the most stringent environmental standards.
ECOMUD - A technology by ASDR
Much like the rhinoceros in our logo, we love to play in mud.

And just like the rhinoceros, our units are built to be tough and rugged in order to consistently and efficiently operate in the harshest conditions.

Despite being around for millions of years, the rhinoceros is an endangered species. It underscores the importance of recognizing the fragility of the environements in which we live and work, and to continuously strive to improve the sustainability of our activities. It is for this same reason that the ECOMUD™ was developed.

ECOMUD Services

ASDR is a company delivering specialized solutions to the mining, forestry, industrial, and government sectors. Founded in 2006, the firm has quickly built a solid reputation both nationally and internationally, particularly in its ability to deliver turnkey projects.

Through its four areas of excellence, the company offers to its clients a unique combination of Project Management and Engineering, Water Treatment, Manufacturing, and Industrial Services. The solutions cover the entire life cycle of a project: from laboratory and pilot tests, to manufacturing, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Thanks to its rapid growth, the company now has over 300 employees working in different offices and workshops. ASDR is endowed with a true pioneering spirit, no challenge is too complex!

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